Are You Searching for your Next Big App Idea?

Clootrack guides you step by step to your next big app idea! Forget the endless brainstorming, and inconclusive customer surveys. With Clootrack you can find your next big mobile app idea, backed with convincing data.

Get Wow App Ideas !

You need mobile apps which sell, and wow users. Clootrack guides your thoughts step by step to ideate deep and far - to build ideas that win.

Are You Searching for your Next Big App Idea?
Solve A Relevant Problem

Solve A Relevant Problem

Mobile apps can solve millions of problems. Clootrack takes you to the problems you should solve now.

Build Features That Matter

Tired of adding features to your mobile app that make only a little impact to your users? Clootrack gets you product ideas that make every app release a wow !

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Clootrack Ideaboard – How it Works?

Step by Step Idea Discovery, Backed with Data


1. Pick Your Area of Interest

Pick your area of interest on Clootrack Ideaboard. Eg: Ticket booking, Chat apps in Spanish or an app of your interest E.g: Facebook App


2. Explore Idea Opportunities

Clootrack Ideaboard presents you idea opportunities in terms of gazillion gaps existing in your area of interest.


3. Pick Idea Opportunities

Pick idea opportunities that excite you. Clootrack Ideaboard provides you data points to help you choose between opportunities.


4. Dig Deep on User Needs

Clootrack Ideaboard provides you insights to the most sought after user demands in the idea opportunities you selected.


5. Explore Market

Clootrack Ideaboard helps you identify markets which suit best for your idea.


6. Iterate On Ideaboard

Shortlist idea opportunities and data points of interest on Clootrack Ideaboard. Iterate the steps 1 to 5 on and shortlist multiple idea opportunities.


7. Your Winner App Idea!

Clootrack Ideaboard connects the multiple opportunities you have shortlisted. This will give you deep and wide insights to zero on your Winner App Idea.

We Are Almost There

Want a sneak preview? 


    • Clootrack

      Clootrack is not a list of ideas or list of app features. It is an online tool, which will help you analyse user needs and come up with your own app idea. Clootrack helps you ideate step by step. Clootrack provides you with most important data points at any point in ideation for you to arrive at an app idea that works.

      At present app developers, product managers resort to searching over web or trying to make sense of customer feedback, both of which have limitations in coming up with actionable insights. As a result ideas are immature and it takes several iterations to fine tune. The iterations can take several months. Clootrack helps you identify mature ideas fast.

        • Clootrack

          Working on the same. Meanwhile, please drop an email in case if you ve further queries. You can use the email address you received while you requested for early signup.

  1. sara

    Can I use this for improving my existing app than finding an app idea? Is that not a better use of your product?

    • admin

      Yes, definitely! Clootrack can be used by both app developers and product managers for improving their existing product in a fast pace. Clootrack helps to zero in on next big problem to solve and to keep up your app with latest trends. By doing this each release of your product will start making considerable impact than just small incremental changes.

      Clootrack will help in both ideation of a new product and improving an existing product.

    • Clootrack

      We want to make app developers and product managers all powerful with Clootrack. Let us disrupt with powerful ideas!

    • admin

      Clootrack is not a list of ideas. Clootrack takes you step by step and helps you ideate. Clootrack presents the data points which app developers and product managers badly look for to help them conclude on an idea. Clootrack directs your thoughts and tickle your creativity to come up with a mature idea. But it is you who are going to come up with the idea. And we are sure you are going to love it!

    • Clootrack

      There are lots of apps, but not enough. There is deep penetration of smart phones in almost every market/country. With this there is a tremendous opportunity for app developers to tap in to latent needs. e.g.: some specific need of doctors in Portugal. And developing such apps can rake in good revenues for app developers. While developing the idea of Clootrack we came across several smart app developers who have built such apps, many of them small utility apps, and making impressive revenues.

      But, at present it is rather impossible for app developers to discover these latent needs. Because of this reason, many app developer are not able to leverage this opportunity. Even those who have leveraged are able to come up with only a couple of apps, that too over a long period of time. Clootrack helps app developers discover these latent needs, and make popular apps rapidly.

  2. San

    There are many parameters that need to be considered to decide whether an idea/feature is good. What parameters does clootrack evaluate?

    • Clootrack

      Clootrack does not tell you which is a good idea or which is not. However it gives you good, bad, trending aspects and related apps for a use case or a mobile app. All these will be presented with relevant score as well. This will help you identify the burning gaps, and what users want.

      A couple of iterations with Clootrack idea board this way will help you zero in on the idea, with relevant data validation. This will save you several months of effort in developing and later on tinkering a product which no body wants.

    • Clootrack

      For you to execute an idea, we link up with developer teams. It is developer’s freedom to choose equity or payment. However this will be informed to you upfront. Hope we answered your question. Do let us know if we got any thing wrong.

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